Serj Tankian

A singer, poet, songwriter, activist, and composer; Serj Tankian has always created music as an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings with a level of passion and consciousness that few in today’s world of music can rival. An Armenian immigrant born in Lebanon and re-rooted in Los Angeles, Serj was introduced to the melding of cultures, ideas and ideals from a very young age. The principles learned from this integration and adaptation have led to his understanding of the oneness of all things and have since maneuvered and transfigured into the music that he lives to create.


September 2nd, 2011

Zouk Roman Amphitheater

co-producted with:Play For Today

Serj Tankian gave an outstanding performance at the Beirut Rock Festival 2011, accompanied by the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra. His show was entitled “Elect the Dead Symphony” a nod to his 2010 live solo album of the same name.

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